The 4 Week Diet Review And My Results With It!

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the 4 week diet review with results
NOTE: This 4 week diet review below is for both “men and women”.


My Real shocking results with the 4 week diet!

the 4 week diet review and my results of using it
Angelina Beth

Hello, my name is Angelina Beth and I currently live in Winnipeg, Canada.

I would like to keep my story very simple and straight-forward here…

But, please don’t see my story below as a typical or common boring weight loss story of any other weight loss product.

This is real!

Here is how I lost most shockingly 54 pounds (24 kilograms) safely in just 94 days approximately!

Before I continue… I would like to thank this website you are on now for inviting me to share my experiences of the 4 week diet. The review below is a mixture of my personal weight loss story, experiences and opinion of the 4 week diet.

Here is my story…

I cannot express my joy just by words about my weight loss transformation! If someone would have told me few years ago that I could lose 54 pounds or 24 kilograms in just 94 days, I would have simply laughed at them because losing weight before following the 4 week diet was really a big joke for me! (This is real! A weight loss science! Not a typical or common boring statement of typical weight loss products!)

Let me tell you why…

Being overweight is my genetics as all of my family members are this way. I still remember the days years ago, trying all the possible strict diets along with the very hard exercise regimen every day with a hope that one day I may look like a fitness model.

But, nothing worked!

I only lost 5 pounds (2 kilograms) of weight hardly and even regained it back soon!

So, I lost all the hope that I had on losing weight and hated all the weight loss diets and exercise regimens I followed.

I started to believe that my genetics would never allow me to lose any significant weight from my body and this is the condition I should live with forever in my life! Whatever I tried didn’t work, soon after I lost any weight I would regain that weight back! I was so confused, frustrated, didn’t know what to do, what to follow and what to avoid! – This was my situation years ago before following the 4 week diet.

Now, you may be thinking what made me to follow the 4 week diet alone, even after facing so many failures with my weight loss efforts with other diets and exercise regimens? Well, that is what I am going to explain below…

My experiences of the 4 week diet

When I first saw the 4 week diet video presentation by Brian Flatt – the creator, years ago, I thought that it would be no different from other failure diets I followed before. So, I ignored it at first and didn’t purchase. But, I still remember the few late nights, I was awoke and researching about this 4 week diet product online by seeing many reviews from many different people all over the world sharing their experiences of the 4 week diet on how it really helped them to lose the weight they never imagined possible before. – So, I once again watched the video presentation of the 4 week diet from the beginning to the end and I noticed something that was so intriguing in that presentation – that was this 4 week diet product had a “60 Days Money Back Guarantee” with a promise that it would help me to lose several pounds of body weight in just 21 days! So, within 21 days or even within 60 days of following this diet plan after purchasing it from Brian Flatt if I don’t see any significant drop in my body weight as promised in the 4 week diet video presentation, I can ask for a full refund of the money that I paid to purchase!

So, I gave out a try!

After purchasing the 4 week diet I got 4 digital E-Books from Brian Flatt via Email and I was able to download all those 4 E-Books to my computer instantly with just a click! As the 4 week diet sells only digital E-Books, you don’t have to worry about shipments. You can buy it by living anywhere in the world. All you need is just a computer or tablet to download and read the E-Books. So, I took few days to read all those 4 E-Books and whatever I read in those E-Books were so different from anything I ever knew about weight loss. I got a whole new picture of weight loss.

Let me explain…

Those E-Books were completely science based and so practical enough to accept. I understood the real science behind losing and gaining weight, why some people find it very difficult to lose weight than others, what were the necessary steps that I need to take at what time to maximize the weight loss faster and more…

But, things didn’t stop there as I was not convinced before seeing my own results with the diet. So, I put things into action for the first 34 days consistently of whatever actionable steps that Brian Flatt mentioned to lose weight in those 4 week diet E-Books… The results I saw after 34 days was so shocking and I even cried of the pleasant emotion I got when I saw that I dropped 19 pounds (8 Kilograms) in just 34 days even with the bad genetics I got! After that, I took my weight loss journey further with the 4 week diet and in total of 94 days of following the diet I lost 54 pounds (24 Kilograms) without any side effect and able to maintain that condition on a long term basis! – The experience of this was so shocking to me in such a way that I cannot express it just by words! This is the main reason why I am writing this review here, to help as many people as possible all over the world both men and women who are struggling to lose weight. Look down to learn more…

Here is what 4 week diet can do for you…

1. When you buy the 4 week diet, you will know how especially holly wood movie celebrities all of a sudden rapidly and safely lose weight for their movies without any negative side effect.

2. Then, how certain foods that we think are so healthy are actually causing you to gain more ugly fat in your body!

3. How taking “healthy fats” in your diet can help you to lose weight! Yes, taking healthy fats is very important for weight loss! The 4 week diet will show you what are all the foods that are rich in health fats and don’t worry these foods are widely available all over the world.

4. After exposing all the crazy myths and scientific facts about weight loss, the 4 week diet will show you the “step by step” actionable plan to lose weight along with the very less time consuming and yet powerful special exercise regimen to follow for just 4 or 4 days per week to lose maximum amounts of weight from you body as fast and safe as possible.

5. Once you have lost your desired weight, the 4 week diet will show you how to maintain that condition forever in your life!

There is still so much important information in these E-Books that I cannot cover in this short review.

Here are the 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is the 4 week diet very hard to follow and stay consistent along with the exercise regimen designed for the maximum weight loss?

Answer: The answer for this question is NO. The 4 week diet is designed smartly to be both powerful and easy to follow consistently. But, it’s very important that you should not be lazy and jump on cheat foods so often while following the diet.

Question 2: Can 4 week diet help a person with any weight loss goal?

Answer: Whether your weight loss goal is to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds, the 4 week diet can help you with that because the weight loss science is almost the same to lose 10 pounds and even 200 pounds!

Question 3: What are all the foods need to be added in the diet?

Answer: Whatever foods the 4 week diet tells you to add in your diet are widely available all over the world and even cheap to buy!

Question 4: Does 4 week diet makes you feel hungry and less energetic throughout the day?

Answer: When I followed the 4 week diet, I never felt too hungry like how I felt with other strict diets before, because whatever foods the 4 week diet told me to add in my diet would suppress my hunger without lowing down my energy and by still keeping me healthy and active.

Question 5: Is 4 week diet safe to follow?

Answer: According to my personal weight loss transformation and opinion it’s 100% safe to follow. If you have any of health problems, please consult a doctor to know whether the 4 week diet is good for you or not.

Question 6: Does 4 week diet work for any age?

Answer: Yes! Whether you are young or old and looking to lose weight, the 4 week diet will work well for you. Please note that if you are old and looking to lose weight, you may have some limitations or difficulties to do exercises, but this doesn’t mean you cannot do any exercise at all. So, just try you level best to do whatever exercises the 4 week diet tells you to do. If you are finding it very difficult to do, you can reduce the intensity or reps of the exercises rather than skipping it, please understand that your weight loss depends 80% or more on your diet and exercise only accounts for 20% or less. So, don’t feel hopeless if you are limited or have difficulties of doing exercises, just try your level best and that is more than enough. Please note, the exercises will only be little difficult at beginning just for few days or weeks irrespective of whether you are young or old, after that your body will become conditioned to do those exercises and you will not feel much difficulty. Above all, the 4 week diet tells you to do exercises only for 4 or 4 days per week and are really less time consuming. Following the 4 week diet will not only make you to lose weight and get fit, but will also make your overall health better.

Question 7: Is 4 week diet available to buy world wide?

Answer: Yes! No matter where you live in this world, you can buy the 4 week diet!

Question 8: Are there discounts with the 4 week diet now?

Yes and I even got the discounted link for you! But, first you must understand the discount. The original price of the 4 week diet is $47 and you can get a 58% big discount on that! So, the discounted price is going to be $27 to buy the entire 4 week diet with all free bonuses! Even more interestingly you got to pay only $7 today and you can pay the remaining $20 after 6 days to totally complete the discounted payment of $27. The reason why Mr.Brian Flatt the creator of the 4 week diet is giving this big discount with easy payments is because to help as many people as possible all over the world who are struggling to lose weight! Click here to get the discount before it expires! The 60 Days Money Back Guarantee is available even if you go with the discounted price. So, you got nothing to lose. You got 60 days to try the 4 week diet without any risk and for any reason if you don’t like the product you can ask for a full refund of the money you paid by contacting the 4 week diet team – There will be a clear contact details to contact the 4 week diet team for any query and for the refund if you want after purchasing the 4 week diet.


I would like to end this review by saying that the little investment you make on the 4 week diet may be the best investment you can ever make in your life when it comes to your health and fitness according to my opinion!

To get started with the 4 week diet click here

5 Star Ratings Really!

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